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Trading Policy

Paperback trade in: 
1. ¼ of the list price given as credit. 
2. 10 book trade-in limit per visit.
3. Credit cannot exceed $30.00.

Trade size & Hard Cover trade in: 
1. One (1) credit given per book. 

When purchasing used books...
1. Paperbacks are sold for ½ the printed list price-to be deducted from available credit.
2. Trade size and Hardcover books are discounted by ½ of the stickered price with credit (1 credit per book).


Please note...

  • We do not buy books
  • Re-Turn the Page will not accept biographies, textbooks, self-help, or any books in poor condition. "Poor Condition" includes but is not limited to: ripped or missing pages or covers, water damange, mildew and hard covers must have original covers
    • We reserve the right to refuse books for any reason at any time
  • Trading can be done in-store only
    • Children's books are excluded from trading
    • Credit will not be applied to books stickered “CNA”  (credit not applicable)
    • Credit applied to USED books only
    • There will be a nominal fee for any book purchased with credit as we still need to make our rent each month
  • Credit is not applied to 3/$1 books which are non-returnable